Megafactory replaces all workers with a programmer

Headquartered in Tokyo, Ruwix LTD has an impressive history of more than 200 years in high tech microelectronics production with several manufacturing facilities employing over 5000 workers. The industry leading LED panel manufacturer specialized mostly in scoreboard production is breaking sales records, producing 87% of all LED displays currently being sold globally.
The company is famous for producing impressively high quality scoreboards resisting earthquakes and even tsunamis.

The old scoreboard in the Hornets stadium operating since 1891 now is being replaced.

The decision that changed everything

The shareholders have decided to take a full turn and replace the whole production department with a single software engineer. As an effect of this decision the contracts of more than 3500 employees have been terminated.

The company is planning to replace the classic LED panel scoreboards with a website where competition hosts can create and configure their custom score counters. The revolutionary idea is expected to change the aspect of school gyms and stadiums we know today.

The Hornets are very happy with the new system.

After wasting so much time producing expensive and ugly looking score panels we realized that today all you need is a laptop and a projector to display the game statistics. We just have to provide a user-friendly software that makes this possible. This is the future!
– Yakashimo Suzuki, Vice president

Hiring the web developer

Nowadays it’s not easy to find an unemployed IT engineer but the factory still managed to recruit an available junior HTML CSS JavaScript developer to fill the new position. It took John one month to launch the first version of the software which is now available for public testing. Customers are welcome to test and report possible bugs before the official launch before the 2020 Summer Olympics where all events will be monitored and broadcasted with the new system which can be tested online at scoreboards.

The board of directors is very happy with the performance of the new programmer who fits perfectly the Japanese work morale:
John lives alone in the abandoned factory, works all day, needs very little sleep and all he requires is just a little coffee.

Restructured hierarchy: John replaced the entire production team.

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