North Korea: The Most Eco-friendly Country

Talking about the protection of the environment has become one of the most popular topic but not too many actually do anything about it. North Korea has become the most eco-friendly country while its leader Kim Jong-un might become the savior of our Planet showing an example that should be followed by others.

Many celebrities and world leaders like to talk about, but don't do anything about saving our Planet.

The World Against Kim

Often portraid as a political villain, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is trying to save the planet showing a remarkable example all other developed countries simply refuse to follow. The entire World rather chooses to undermine Kim's credibility spreading lies and isolating North Korea from the rest of the World.

If you try to examine the situation as an outsider you'll realize that Western culture is the real evil and Kim is actually the good guy. If you can't realize this that means that you're brainwashed by Western propaganda.

We don't use electricity and cars and you can't see any obese person here.
We're showing the path others refuse to follow.
- Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader

Talking About Becoming Environmentally Friendly

The Global Metrics for the Environment Talk shows how much a country is talking about becoming eco-friendly. This list doesn't even show North Korea because they're not talking, instead they're Doing it.

At the top of the list the countries who talk the most about saving the environment are Switzerland, France and Danemark. The United States of America is ranked 27th.

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