Electric scooters banned in 3 US States and 4 European Countries

Electric scooter laws and legislations are getting tougher and this tendency might even put an end to this epidemic that started as a possible approach to solve congestion and pollution issues in big cities. Today riding electric scooters became illegal in 3 US states and 4 European countries.

In most states it’s still legal to use this relatively new way of transportation, and the laws are still catching up with the technology.
Make sure you check with your local authorities to clear on the law regarding electric scooters in your area.

Authorities tracking and collecting illegal vehicles

Wherever you live, it’s not allowed to ride on pavements or sidewalks. Electric scooters can typically reach speeds up to 35-40 km/h, which makes them dangerous on walkways shared with pedestrians.

The advantages of electric scooters

E-scooters are much more environmentally-friendly than gas powered cars, don’t cause congestion, they require no license and insurance, are not taxed, incur no parking fees, and can be easily carried on most public means of transportation or be put in the trunk of a car. They can be charged full in a couple of hours which makes them a perfect tool for commuting short distances regardless of the weather conditions.

The reason for the ban

Oil companies reported a noticeable decrease of raw oil prices which is attributed to e-scooters so they urged governments to act against them. More states and countries which depend on oil price is expected to join the scooter ban. Oil companies put a big pressure on scooter manufacturers and ride sharing app companies requiring them to replace the electric motors with gas powered engines.

Germany declared it illegal to show e-scooters on Google Street view.
In France riders must donate 1 Euro after each full charge for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral.
In Belgium scooters are still legal but they need to be equipped with 12 inch LCD displays that show a cookie consent warning at each street corner.
In the United Kingdom a legal loophole still allows to ride if you consider yourself to be a homosexual babboon.

We’ll keep this post updated with the latest rules and legislations.

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