License plates replaced with Facebook profile names

It’s official: Romanian vehicle registration plates are going to be replaced with the owner’s Facebook profile ID to reduce accidents and to bring peace into the traffic.

Some of the most important benefits:

Boys will be able to make sure that a female driver is single before stopping to fix her car.


Hitchhikers don’t need to be afraid of being picked up by a rapist or a serial killer anymore. Passengers will be able to check the driver’s profile and decide wheter they want to get on board with them or they would rather skip the ride.


Blocked cars in the parking lot can now easily message the other driver to move his vehicle out of the way. This will bring an end to “Call me I’ll move” stickers.


Women looking for a wealthy boyfriend can now trace the owner when they spot an expensive car on the road.


A classic Romanian form of revenge is perforating tires or scratching the paint of someone else’s car. From now on we can do the same while taking a selfie and posting it to the car owners timeline along with a funny message.


The police is going to stop giving out traditional tickets for traffic violations. From now on the law-breaking drivers are going to get a friend request from a policeman who will send a link to a Shopify webshop where the fines can be paid online. People will also be able to pay by setting a sponsored ad banner as their profile picture for a specified period.

Iliescu Dăncilă, head of Budapest Police Department explained:

I am very optimistic!
Replacing the traditional and meaningless license plates with the Facebook profile names will help drivers get more social while driving. We’ll make dull roads more friendly and interactive.

Instead of honking and shouting at each other now we can simply send a message to the other driver’s timeline. Or when someone is polite with us, we can send him a friend request as a sign of gratitude.

Intelligent vehicles

Dacia, the biggest Romanian car manufacturer has already announced a new integrated technology called “Drive and connect”. The new prototype cars are able to automatically communicate with all the surrounding vehicles sending them Likes, group invitations, friend requests etc. The system can be operated by voice commands, and the artificial intelligence can respond to sophisticated questions and commands like:

  •  Send a nice motivational quote to that truck driver to move a little faster!
  •  Ask the girl out in the red Volkswagen if she’s single!
  •  Tell me, how old is that granny in front of me?
  •  Notify everyone around me that my car is for sale. Ask them to PM me for price and other details.
  •  Challenge the guy next to me for a race when the lights turn green!
  •  Send a CandyCrush invitation to everyone in this parking lot!

The Feasibility Study

According to the European Commission Romania had the highest road fatality rate in the European Union, with 98 deaths per one million inhabitants in 2017 which is exactly the double of the EU average. Authorities are now planning to replace vehicle registration plates with the owner’s Facebook user name to improves the statistics.

The latest study proved that the number of accidents is going to drop significantly as soon as the new regulation comes into force. Authorities had tried many ideas to tame aggressive Romanian drivers without any success. They are expecting the “Facebook license plate program” to solve many problems. The new regulation is going to be applied gradually, starting from the capital city (Budapest) and slowly converting the whole country by the end of next year.

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