7500 prisoners to be released early to moderate Facebook comments

Good news for thousands of inmates in US prisons! By a new law adopted yesterday by the Constitution, more than 7,500 convicted men and women will be released immediately, on one condition: they'll have to work for the benefit of the community. The former detainees will work 8 hours a day deleting controversial comments on the biggest social media platform.

This is a great project that will will help educating prisoners through social media. This way they can shorten their punishment as they learn the skills they need to be good page admins and moderators. This will hopefully help them integrate back into society. Everybody wins!

– Posted Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO. His post has already gained 7,500 likes.

“I have done this and trust me, it will not be easy. Not only do you delete hundreds of comments per hour, you have to post others on all kinds of accounts, close pages, ban the trolls. It won't be easy at all.”
– Hernando Gomez Carmales, former convict at Louisiana State Penitentiary.

How hard can it be? Right click and delete comment, go f**k yourself!
– Added his cellmate, condemned for manslaughter who will not benefit from the program.

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