Game of Thrones Prequel – Entire Season Leaked

History seems to be repeating itself. Despite all the efforts HBO went through to protect Game of Thrones from leaking the entire final season is now available for download at

I’ve just finished watching the 8th season and I made this list with the most surprising events.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Stop reading if you’d rather watch the episodes yourself.

  1. It turns out that Petyr Baelish (Little Finger) staged his own death with the help of a faceless man. Later he teamed up with Bronn to help him seduce Sansa but without success. Bronn gets a castle anyway.
  2. Sandor Clegane defeats Arya in a duel and leaves her to die alone.
  3. Melisandre gives birth to another ghost that kills the Night King. It turns out that the Night King is Bran who had got stuck in the past when he stayed too much meditating. All this time he was just chilling up North and got tired of the cold so he headed South to show his dead pals his birthplace.
  4. Gendry learns that he’s Khal Drogo’s brother and becomes the leader of the Dothrakis. While they practicing the Dothraki language he falls in love with Missandey, who breaks up with Grey Worm.
  5. Tormund and Brienne finally fall in love after he saves her life and they become the commanders of the King’s Guard.
  6. Theon Greyjoy drowns during a violent coronation ceremony.
  7. Little Finger becomes the King of the Seven Kingdoms with Cersey on his side. He murders everyone who doesn’t bend the knee. John Snow survives.
  8. At the very end of the closing episode it turns out that Ned Stark just dreamed the whole story, nothing really happened and he’s still the warden of the North. John Snow and Daenerys were just imaginary people from his dream.
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