Olympics: Everyone will get a participation medal

Good news for those who prepare for the Olympics but don't really stand a chance. Everyone will get a participation medal at the Summer Olympics in 2021.

"If you had fun, you won!" - reads the participation medal that is meant to cheer up losers who trained for 4 years, travelled all the way to Tokyo to represent their countries but failed miserably.

This is just the first step of a transition. By 2024 we are planning to eliminate gold, silver and bronze medals and award every participant equally.
- Ferenc Denes, Olympic Committee (4th place, fencing, Rio 2016)

The First Happy Olympics

No more crying and sad faces: The 2020 will be the first "Happy Olympics"

This will be the first "Happy Olympics" where everyone can have a big party together as winners at the closing ceremony. This was necessary as even losers expect a reward nowadays. This way we can teach children that trying their best is good enough, even if they do not win. We can encourage athletes to prepare harder for the next time.

We are trying to promote narcissism and entitlement among millenials who grew old to participate at the Olympics to represent their countries.
- Ferenc Denes, Olympic Committee

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