Brilliant software to revolutionize the parking industry!

This is brilliant! This genius IT specialist would deserve a Nobel Prize! An IT employee who would like to keep his identity a secret has revolutionized the parking industry, creating 3 additional spaces in each lot. The brilliant invention is the result of many years of software development executed in the highest secret.

Currently, the biggest software companies are fighting for the patent to implement the solution for the masses.

After we announced that we have 3 parking spaces in addition, the company stocks have skyrocketed. The shares tripled in 2 hours. We have received purchase offers from several Silicon Valley companies but we had to decline them because we see a huge potential to revolutionize the parking industry.
– explained the IT expert.

Because of the free parking spaces, the company decided to hire new employees, the candidates being attracted not only by the salary package but also by the temptation of carefree parking.

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