Facebook: Where Your Grandma Lives

The latest research paper published by the British Sociology Journal is discussing the tendency of old people taking over Facebook while younger generations turn to other social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok etc. The transition is happening in an alarming pace and it might even result a decline that could hit the leading social platform much harder than the Cambridge Analytica data scandal on a long term.

Facebook’s new integrated solution allows its users under the age of 40 to easily block and isolate themselves from their grandparents. They launched a campaign called “Don’t let granny scare you away” which educates younger users how to set their privacy options accordingly to block their old relatives.

With the help of the new solution we can simply mark someone as “ancestor” and the system will automatically hide comments from that person and will block the ability to post publicly to our timeline.

Limitations For Users Above The Age Of 50

There were many limitations introduced for older users in a very humane way: grandparents can still post and interact as much as they want but only one post per week is actually made public to other users without any warning about the limitation. This solution will make the ancestors believe that they had successfully shared a post but in reality other users won’t see them.
Moreover, users can still set unlimited flower picture frames but only they will be able to see them.

We’ll be able to enable automatic machine communication with other accounts. The artificial intelligence will respond to grandparents in our name and even initiate weekly communications and/or on special occasions such as birthdays so we won’t have to.

Grandparents On The Internet

Seniors and other individuals who lack the knowledge of how the Internet works can be very dangerous. They can easily become the victims of hackers and scammers who are looking to install computer viruses or to gather credit card information.

Despite many efforts, grandparents seem to be unable to understand technology. A new web browser is being developed with security layers specially designed for older people with the possibility to enlarge the text and give voice commands.

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