Spanish: The New Official EU Language Following Brexit

It's official: Spanish will be the official language of the European Union and European Parliament starting from 1st January. As the United Kingdom leaves there won't be any English-speaking country left in the Union so it wouldn't make sense to keep the old official language.

"Si no nos quieren, no queremos su idioma."
(If they don't want us we don't want their language.)

This was the slogan of several peaceful protests across the continent.

The default language of the official EU website has already been changed. Current English content will still be available for 6 months but new posts are going to be published only in the 23 current working languages.

Why Spanish And Not Something Else?

Several nominations have been proposed to be the new official language: French, German, Romanian and Spanish.

Until the 1990s French was the dominant language of the EU however, as more countries joined which had English as a second or additional language, the number of English speakers grew until English became the accepted common language. French is considered by many countries kinda gay, that's another reason for refusing it.

Germany is another central political superpower that came up as a suggestion. It was quickly refused Germans still being associated with Nazis and it's still trendy to ashame them for starting World War II.

When the debate in the EU Parliament became too serious someone suggested Romanian as a possible option to cheer up the crowd.

Spanish was adopted because the majority of the continent already understands a couple of words from soap operas.

Coming soon: Our website in Spanish.

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