Internet addict spends 3 hours on his phone every day

People spend more and more time in front of their computer and on their mobile phone, some of them even hours every single day. This raises an urging problem of the modern technology where people fell victim of the internet and social media.

One man however breaks the record with 3 (three!!!) hours being online each day of his life which adds up to one and a half month(!!!) each year. Sometimes in the weekends when the weather is bad outside his daily dose reaches an amazing three and a half hours.

What Is Internet Addiction?

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is a very common mental disability and it comes in many shapes:

IAD has many manifestations

  • Online game addicts often live a parallel lives where they impersonate a digital character. These patients often gather in so called "clans" where they can further excite each other's addictions.
  • Compulsive social media users can't live without checking their phones daily or posting regularly on their digital manifestation profile.
  • Cyber-appetizers are unable to start a meal without taking a picture of their food and publishing it online.
  • Obsessive online shoppers can spend a significant amount of money without even reading others' negative reviews.
  • Online gamblers can put their families savings in danger.
  • Cyber-relationship addicts can fall in love with a digital profile which often turns out to be a fake manifestation of a hairy guy.
  • Cyber-porn addicts often have imaginary digital sex with actors in adult movies.

All these variations can be very harmful, especially when a patient is suffering from more than one symptom. The biggest problem is that people usually don't recognize the severity of the situation. In fact, it’s frequently included in the online bio of the patient that he claims to be a "social addict".

As the addiction rate grows year by year, people tend to turn a blind eye even more and this sickness becomes neglected as it eats up their brain.

- Dr. Prof. Phd. Szergely Borislov

Meet John, the Addict

John is the victim of modern technology and the digital era. He is very sick and he sacrificed his life for his addiction. His wife filed for divorce and he lost his job when he was caught by his boss checking his Facebook during work hours.

Currently his behaviour is being monitored by experts to let us understand how internet addiction can reach these levels. Hopefully we can learn from this to prevent severe cases in the future.

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