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A woman apologized to her husband

This has never happened in recorded human history. A housewife whose name is yet to be published has accepted her defeat in an argument with her husband and at the end of the fight she apologized to him.

Professional actors struggled to reenact the story

Even more surprising is the fact that the subject was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and her mental health also seems to be fine. The patient is currently under medical and psychological supervision. A team of professionals is trying to locate the source of her malfunction and to prevent other reckless actions. Psychiatrists are worried that the unpredictable patient might be dangerous to herself or others.

"We've never seen anything like this before so we have to be very careful.
We're working hard to find the source of this unprecedented action."

- Abbdid Opprens, psychiatrist

The husband was also shocked:

"It all happened so fast. I caught her checking the mails on my phone and I asked her to stop. Then she gave me the phone back and said she was sorry and it will never happen again. I immediately called an ambulance.
Usually she just bursts into tears when she realizes that I am right in an argument and I need to apologize to calm her down. I hope she'll be fine."

Why Are Women Non-Apologists?

For women, saying "I'm sorry" carries psychological ramifications that run deeper than the words themselves imply. It evokes fundamental fears, either conscious or unconscious they desperately try to avoid. They believe that if they accept that they did something bad that means they are in fact bad people. The female brain has difficulty separating the actions from the character and this way it protects itself from feeling guilty.

While men consider apologies as opportunities to resolve interpersonal conflicts women are comfortable with anger and they require emotional distancing. They fear that lowering their shield will crumble their psychological defenses and open the floodgates to a well of sadness and despair.

It's a known and socially accepted fact that women never apologize even if they are wrong. In normal conditions female use "crying" to force the opposite sex to apologize instead.

Officially Unprecedented

The event will be recorded in the Guinness World Records as soon as the medical team confirms that all the necessary conditions are fulfilled.

Record title: "The first woman who apologized to her husband"
Description: A mentally healthy adult woman under no influence of alcohol and drugs who has been born as a girl and currently identifies and looks as a woman accepted that she was wrong in an argument with her spouse and apologized to him of her own will.

Movie adaptation

The husband was already contacted by several movie producers for the rights for the movie adaptation of the incredible story.

According to the plans a mini-series starring Tom Hanks will present the mental evolution of the first woman to ever apologize to her husband.

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