The Earth is FLAT. Proofs listed

Have you ever stopped to question everything you’ve been told by scientists? Sure, we are flat-earthers but we believe in genetics—in mutation. However, one thing we cannot wrap our minds around is something that scientists believe supersedes the very existence of the human species.

That’s right: an unobservable universe.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existing.    ~ Albert Einstein

Scientists would have you believe that we all live on a dome-shaped egg that spins around… a bright giant egg? Have you ever questioned the claim of round earth—probably not? You can start now. If you’re ready to experience life on a whole different scale, you must be ready to question everything. We plan to do exactly just that.

Reasons Why the Earth is Flat

The Earth is flat; doesn’t move; and is the center of the universe. Here are good reasons why:

1. The Horizon is Truly Flat

Scientists would have you believe that the world is curved. But if it truly is, why can’t we witness the Earth’s ‘supposed’ curvature between two distant skyscrapers when staring from a hill? Or why haven’t pictures from the peaks of Everest or other high mountains captured the acute bend of the globe? Egg shapes have really steep sides, don’t they? There is no horizon because the world is truly flat. It ends at Antarctica,

They always show the convex sections

2. No Proof of Antarctica Wall Exploration

Believe it when we say: Antarctica crossing is a myth—it has never happened. The world is covered by an enormous icy wall. It is this wall that keeps anyone from falling off our disc-shaped world, not some ‘invincible force’ called gravity. It is highly probable that the world is flat because no one has ever claimed to cross the Antarctica. If the world was truly curved, we should be able to fly above the Antarctica crossing and back to where we started.

How can this be possible?

3. The Earth Does not Move

Scientists claim that the word spins at approximately 1,600 kilometres (1,000 miles) per hour. This is a ridiculous speed by mileage standards. If we were truly moving at such a fast pace, why aren’t we all flying around uncontrollably? It doesn’t add up.

The centrifugal force would catapult us faster than a Space X rocket

4. Photoshopped Images of Space

Who says the images of space are not fake and doctored? What is the proof that these pictures really exist? We hate to say it, but NASA has every reason to alter these images that we see of ‘space’. It would literally cost a whole lot less to fake something like the moon landing than to actually do it. Guess who pockets the rest of the ‘research’ fund?

Space missions are just money laundering

5. Planets Can Be Seen At Night

Do you know that Venus and Mercury are observable in the night sky through a telescope? The question is: how can the Earth be a globe if we can see the planets nudged between it and Sun.

This doesn't make any sense!

6. The Observable Universe

We are puppets of written history; unfortunately, a lot of it wasn’t well documented. In 19th century, the ‘Zetectic method’ was discovered. This is a method of inquiry that hinges strongly on the ‘senses’. Be honest with yourself, what we feel and experience in the Earth tells us that it is indeed flat. Our world looks and feels flat, therefore it must be flat.

Proven with complex mathematical equations


Our observable universe, flat Earth, is all that is real. Why then do we hold onto the idea of an unobservable universe? Most scientific principles that rule us today were conjured by mad men. Question the world around you and you will discover the truth behind it.

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