Handshakes banned in US and Europe

The World Health Agency has finally stepped up to find a solution to stop spreading germs. Handshakes and other forms of touching have been banned in Europe and the United States.

In many health institutes patients are greeted by signs posted in the waiting area: "Don't Be Offended. Handshaking Spreads Germs." So far this was only a warning but from now on a hand-to-hand contact can even be punished with a prison sentence in many countries.

Handshakes are filthy! It's a disease-spreading tradition.
It's almost as bad as spitting in someone's mouth.
Julia Nohighfivova, CTO WHA

Scirentists agree that a handshake or a high five is one of the worst offender when it comes to spreading germs. It can transfer half the bacteria, while a fistbump transfers only 10%. Giving a dap and other well choreographed ceremonies can trasnfer even more virus and bacteria.

How to salute from now on?

It's recommended to step back and bow head when someone tries to approach you inviting for a handshake. This will remind the other that you are not willing to accept his or her germs and you would rather keep yours to yourselft.

Head bow is the new accepted form of salute.

Hopefully the restriction will help to fill prisons and stop diseases such as the Corona Virus.

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